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  • 30-minute initial fitness consultation, Virtual (anywhere) or In-Person (Tahlequah/Muskogee,OK area)
  • One month of exercise programming with instructions on performing exercises
  • Fitness tracking through the “Healthie” App
  • Contact with Arron through the month to answer questions and adjust the program as needed

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Nutrition information is all over the place; the news, popular talk shows, not to mention everything online. Which direction should you go? Let us help sort through the confusion. Go for the plan that was built specifically for you; the plan that was made to work synergistically with the type of training you do. Each of our nutrition handbooks provides a meal design detailing the types and timing of food to best fuel your activity. Your meal design can be further personalized through personal nutrition coaching. Click on each book to view a table of contents.

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Faster & Farther Contents ($9.99): For endurance training: running, cycling, swimming, and any other way you can Rock It! $9.99






Stronger & Thicker Contents: For power lifters, hard gainers, and those who Rock It any other way!








Toned & Healthy Contents: For all sorts of health nuts who want to tone up.






Triple Threat Contents: For training that includes speed, power, strength, and endurance: CrossFit, obstacle course races and any other way you can Rock It!




PDF downloads to help you plan and conquer!

Kick Start Nutrition Tools Package:

  1.  Menu Planner – One of our most used tools, the Menu Planner has a space  for every day and every meal of the week, plus space to remind you of prep needed for the next day and a shopping list page. Hang the Menu Planner on the fridge and tuck the shopping list into your pocket. Shop, Prep, and you’re Set! Star uses the Menu Planner for weekly Menus sent to the inboxes of Rockers who have joined her email list.
  2. Goals Tracker – The number one used Rock It tool, Star and Arron have used the Goals Tracker to help hundreds of clients plan effectively, stay accountable and reach their goals. The Goals Tracker has a space for four goals and allows the user to mark off the goals they reach each day for a month. At the end of each month, keep goals that weren’t met at least 80% of the time, and celebrate those that were!
  3. Meal Design Worksheet – The Meal Design Worksheet was designed to help personalize the Meal Plan found in any of the Rock It Nutrition E-Books sold above.




Toned & Healthy Nutrition Tools Package:

  1. Food Journal – The Rock It Food Journal helps you to track your daily food intake according to your goals, while become for in tune with your hunger/satiety, a key element of being a healthy eater.
  2. Calorie Estimator Worksheet – This worksheet helps you effectively estimate you calorie needs using the Institute of Medicine’s calorie needs formula and a physical activity coefficient measuring your level of activity.




Athlete Nutrition Tools Package:

  1. Sweat Rate Worksheet – A favorite tool among athletes, this worksheet will take you through the steps of estimating your sweat rate and determining how much fluid and how electrolytes you need to consume during exercise.
  2. Event Fueling Strategy – The Event Fueling Strategy Worksheet helps you plan your nutrition and fluids every 20 minutes through exercise. Especially useful for exercise lasting more than an hour.


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