This is where you can learn about our memberships, but we also want you to know what we are all about, so to learn about us and our nutrition principles, check out our About page.

Online Membership Types:

We have different memberships depending on your nutrition and fitness goals. All membership types are available as either a 3 Month Preview with limited access or a One-Year Total Access Membership (see below for a comparison):

  1. Networking – this is our basic membership, giving you access to nutrition handbooks, online tools, Clean Eating Bootcamps and our member only forums. This is for both Oklahoma residents and out-of-state residents. Click here to sign up.
  2. Semi-Personal Coaching – for Oklahoma residents only, this is a networking membership with the addition of unlimited online chats with the Nutrition Coach (the chat is held through your computer or mobile phone app). Click here to sign up.
  3. Personal Coaching Membership – for Oklahoma residents only, this membership also includes unlimited chats, with the addition of a nutrition assessment, customized nutrition handbook if needed, and an initial coaching session for working through specific nutrition concerns. Click here to sign up.

Membership Pricing:

Networking 3 Month Preview: $15
Networking One Year Total Access: $50

Semi-Personal 3 Month Preview: $30
Semi-Personal One Year Total Access: $110

Personal Coaching 3 Month Preview & Initial Coaching Session: $105
Personal Coaching One Year Total Access & Initial Coaching Session: $185
Personal Coaching 30 minute Follow-Up Phone/Email Sessions: $25

Membership Features:

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YouTube Video: Click here to take a sneak
peek inside a membership page and member only features.

Unlimited live chats with the Nutrition Coach.

Do you ever find yourself in the sports isle of the grocery store picking up product after product, looking for something that meets both the nutrition needs of your active life-style and your desire to eat clean, wholesome foods? Do you know how many grams of carbs and protein are optimal for the type of activity you do, or what the proper timing of carbs and protein is? Are you overwhelmed with all the information and choices available to you?

Take your nutrition coach to the grocery store, your dinner table, your gym, and even your event through our live chats. Ask a question or send photos of your food for feedback from the Nutrition Coach.

Live chat times are scheduled and posted in advance, but you can leave a question at any time and your Nutrition Coach will respond as soon as possible. We use the free Wickr app for chatting, which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, Mac and Linux. Wickr can be dowloaded to your computer and smartphone and was chosen by Rock It for its ease of use and security.

Nutrition Handbook crafted for the type of training you do.

Nutrition information is all over the place; the news, popular talk shows, not to mention everything online. Which direction should you go? Let us help sort through the confusion. Go for the plan that was built specifically for you; the plan that was made to work synergistically with the type of training you do. Each of our nutrition handbooks provides a meal design detailing the types and timing of food to best fuel your activity. Your meal design can be further personalized through free unlimited live chats with your nutrition coach. Click here for nutrition handbook choices and table of contents.

Three Month Preview Members will receive one nutrition handbook while One Year Total Access Memberships include access to all handbooks. If you don’t see a handbook that fits your training style, contact us for customization options.

Clean Eating Bootcamps

Need a good kick in the derriere to get your nutrition cleaned up and back on the right track? Every three months Rock It holds our quarterly Clean Eating Bootcamp designed to do just that, and as a Rock It Nutrition Coaching member, you attend for free. When you become a member of Rock It, you will have immediate access to the Kick Butt Clean Eating Bootcamp Quick Start Guide. During Bootcamp, you will compete in challenges designed to teach you techniques and give you resources that will set you up for a lifetime of clean eating beyond the two-week challenge. Clean Eating Bootcamp is held on our private Facebook page.

Member Forums

Connect with other people who are in the same boat as you. Our Nutrition & Fitness Coaches will be weighing in on popular topics and keeping you on the straight and narrow.

Member Only Webpages

The Rock It Member Only Webpages are full of fun, useful information designed to give you confidence in fueling your body with only the best, while taking the research and work off of your hands. Three Month Preview Members have limited access to these pages while Total Access Members have access to all pages. Please see table above for more information on pages included in each membership type.

Functional Nutrition for Athletes – learn more about functional nutrition and how it specifically pertains to athletes.

Top Grab & Go Sports Products – we scanned the market and found some of the best products for busy athletes on the go including a top product for protein bar, protein shake, endurance gel, endurance chew, high carb bar and hydration drink. We reviewed each product and gave it a score for wholesomeness, nutrition, friendliness, taste and an overall score.

Top DIY Sports Food – this webpage contains all of our favorite, top secret sports food recipes including DIY protein bars, hydration drinks and protein shakes. This page is continually updated with more recipes.

Protein Powder Primer – forget price, do you know why you choose the protein powder you do, and if it is really the best choice for you? This webpage gives tips for choosing protein powders and lists a few good brands.

Tools downloads

Our tools were developed to help you customize your nutrition and keep you on track day to day. The following is a list of tools and worksheets:

  1. Menu Planner
  2. Calorie Estimator
  3. Event Fueling Strategy
  4. Meal Design Worksheet
  5. Food Journal*
  6. Goals Tracker*
  7. Sweat Rate Worksheet*

*Only available to Total Access Members

Plus, you will have access to new content such as workouts, e-books, tools, product reviews, videos  and recipes as they are added, at no extra cost.

We are standing by and ready to help you get fueling! Please shoot us an email with any questions you have about our awesome memberships!

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