Rock It is a VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON NUTRITION and FITNESS service based on FUNCTIONAL and INTEGRATIVE medicine. Rock It was created by Star Edwards, Nutrition Coach and Arron Edwards, Fitness Coach, each with over a decade of coaching experience. Star and Arron have worked with a wide range of clients and health conditions, even helping those with minimal energy and mobility improve their nutrition, exercise more and ultimately feel better. Star and Arron also enjoy personalizing nutrition and fitness programming to take athletes, weekend warriors, CrossFitters and all sorts of gym rats to their next level of performance! Read on!

Foundations of Rock It Coaching:

  • The body was designed to heal itself with optimal nutrition and exercise, and will do so in the presence of a clean, balanced lifestyle.
  • As each person is unique, nutrition and exercise programs should be tailored accordingly.
  • Clients have varying needs of support. We are committed to providing the level of support that each client desires to help them reach their goals.

About Our Coaches


Star Edwards, Nutrition Coach


Rock It Nutrition Coaching is powered by Star Edwards, Registered Dietitian and Certified Integrative & Functional Nutritionist. Star has a non-traditional approach that focuses on an individual’s unique needs and core imbalances. By providing targeted coaching methods, she is better able to help clients reach their goals.

As a gym founder and former gym owner, Star has worked with fitness coaches to provide quality individualized nutrition guidance to athletes in multiple disciplines. She developed her nutrition coaching system to work with specific training programs and boost clients to greater performance success. At the same time, she coached non-athletes in her private practice who came to her looking for nutrition support for their varying health conditions.

Star earned a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences and Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from Oklahoma State University, and is a Licensed Dietitian in the State of Oklahoma. She completed a Certification in Functional & Integrative Medical Nutrition Therapy with Culinary from Next Level Functional Nutrition.

Star enjoys being a part of her local running club, competing in obstacle course races, enjoying the great outdoors and keeping up with her two busy boys!

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Arron Edwards, Fitness Coach


Arron Edwards is a Fitness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. As a former gym owner he has had the privilege of boosting professional and recreational athletes to new personal records through his scientific knowledge of functional fitness and motivational strategies. He has also had the opportunity to enhance worksite wellness programs.

Arron earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Oklahoma State University in Nutrition & Exercise. His foundational belief that nutrition and exercise are equally important for results has been invaluable to his clients. Another one of his foundational beliefs is that having a focused program with an end goal in mind is essential. Arron says, “Working out without a good program is just guess work, but training with a good program is training with a purpose.” Arron’s favorite Bruce Lee quote sums up his programming strategy, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” He studies and uses techniques from the top training philosophers in the country including Dan John, Alwyn Cosgrove, Martin Rooney, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

His love for all things fitness and parkour have led him to consult with organizers of 5K events, obstacle course races, CrossFit 5Ks, and kids’ obstacle courses races that help raise money for community programs. Arron is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has a certification in Functional Movement Screening. He enjoys lifting, cross training, and competing in obstacle course races.

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