Be a Spectator or Get in the Game – Introducing our Gentle Detox Bootcamp

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Have you ever pondered a detox? The word “detox” probably means something different to each of us. There are no set rules (or regulations for that matter) to detoxing and there are all kinds of detox regimens, products and diets out there. As a dietitian, I was taught that the body naturally detoxes itself, and “detox diets” were just taboo. My science classes also came with the disclaimer, “as more studies are published, recommendations changes every 5 years and what we recommend today will be different that what we recommend in the future.” The truth is, our bodies do naturally detox, but many times there are genetic variations in specific pathways that make us ineffective detoxers. Other times, our bodies may be overwhelmed with the amount of toxins that it needs to handle, just like we get overwhelmed with the number of tasks on our to-do lists.

Detox diets are serious business, and dangerous if done incorrectly. Hint hint…you should never feel bad when you are on a detox diet, and if someone ever gives you a detox regimen and tells you that “you will feel worse before you feel better”…RUN! I’ll talk more about this is an upcoming blog. In fact, I’ll be blogging a lot about detoxing this month, covering topics like: why you should consider a detox, what a detox is, which foods help your body detox naturally, herbs that support the liver in it’s natural detox processes, a detox broth recipe and detox bath regimen. If you haven’t already, go to: and sign up for my blog.

Beginning January 16th, I will be hosting a 2 week “Gentle Detox Bootcamp.” I also like to call it “Non-Tox.” You will be given a menu and lots of great tips to help you detox your body from any of your 2016 bad habits and kick off 2017 on the best foot possible!

My menus contain foods to support your body in it’s natural detox and cleanings processes, but it is not a “detox program.” I am a strong believer that anyone on a detox program should be under the care of a qualified health professional. My menus will not only support your body in detoxing, but will help you learn healthy habits that you can carry on the rest of the year.

I suspect that some of you might be suspicious of this “Gentle Detox Bootcamp.” I will be posting almost (there are a few things that only Rock It members will have access to) everything on this blog and Rock It Facebook page and have decided to open the bootcamp up for everyone for FREE. If you are suspicious, feel free to follow along. You can take the information and try it any time you like. But if you are as excited as I am, then be prepared for lots of great information, tools, support, and best of all, to feel better!

Week one’s menu is attached. I want to give you plenty of time to make your shopping list and find a few items that you might have to go a little off the beaten path for (but trust me, it is sooo worth it). You may notice that the weekend before our bootcamp starts, you will be doing some prep for the week ahead. Please leave time for this. I’ll be writing about some of the items on the list soon, but let me know if you have specific questions.

I would be happy for you to share this information with your friends! The more people, the better!

Click the link below to download the menu:
Rock It Menu Plan Detox Bootcamp wk 1


Two products you probably want to start looking for now:

1) – Celtic Sea Salt

2) – Milk Thistle Tea

Other brands will do just fine, but I highly recommend these. More about the




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