(Currently Not Accepting Clients) Sure, you can go online and find a list of exercises to do at home or take to the gym, but do you know how to do the exercises SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY? Do you know how many reps, sets or how much weight is best for you to reach the specific goal you have in mind? What if you have a joint limitation? Do you know how to MODIFY the exercise accordingly? Does the program take your health history into account, which might hinder weight loss? Or, are you an athlete looking to BOOST PERFORMANCE? Just as you are UNIQUE, your exercise program will work best when it is developed specifically for you. Rock It’s Personalized Fitness Programs are written by Arron to specifically address your needs and GOALS, whether it is weight loss, strength training and core work to enhance endurance or improving your vertical jump.

What to expect from your Personalized Fitness Program:

  • 30-minute initial fitness consultation, Virtual (anywhere) or In-Person (Tahlequah/Muskogee,OK area)
  • One month of exercise programming with instructions on performing exercises
  • Fitness tracking through the “Healthie” App
  • Contact with Arron through the month to answer questions and adjust the program as needed

Contact Arron for a FREE 15 minute session to discuss if Personalized Fitness Programming is a good match for you: arron@rockitcoaching.com. Ready to order? 


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