(Not Currently Accepting Clients, but I can refer). Find ENERGY, achieve WEIGHT LOSS and FEEL BETTER naturally by nourishing your body whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior or none of the above. No matter your age, occupation or health concerns, nutrition coaching will help you reach your goals by digging up your ROOT DEFICIENCIES and imbalances and using NUTRITION AS MEDICINE, supporting your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What you 
can expect with Nutrition Coaching (Currently Only Available for Oklahoma Residents):

  • Virtual video chat, phone or text chat sessions for clients anywhere in Oklahoma. In-Person sessions available in the Muskogee/Tahlequah area.
  • In-depth
    assessment covering medical, social, life-style and dietary history beginning with childhood.
  • Initial consultation to:
    • Identify core imbalances
    • Discuss goals
    • Provide dietary and supplement recommendations
    • Functional lab test and exercise recommendations
  • Daily monitoring of goals, food journal and exercise through the “Healthie” App.
  • Constant contact with Star – ask questions as they come up with the chat feature of the “Healthie” App.
  • Multidisciplinary care: Star will work with your other health care  roviders as needed for the best results possible.
  • Help where you need it: meal planning, meal prep, recipes, etc.
  • On average, two to four follow-up sessions to help you reach your goals.

We also utilize Functional Lab Testing when feasible to dig deeper and more accurately identify root causes.

Contact Star for a FREE 15 minute session to discuss if Nutrition Coaching is a good match for you: star@rockitcoaching.com, or book now!

Book your Initial Consultation and Follow-Up Session Here (Only available for Oklahoma Residents):

Payments managed by Healthie

Also available for Nutrition Coaching clients as an ad-on to nutrition sessions:

  • Personalized Pinterest Boards
  • Meal Plans
  • Nutrition Roadmaps
  • Personalized Fitness Programming

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